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Family picked , hilly environment

This is quite interesting a list of fake olive oils on market, shocking really as most of them are supermarket market leaders

Price Guarantee

We guarantee you will not find Greek Extra Virgin Olive oil 0.3 Acidity at least double the price we sell our six packs at. ( we offer free p&p )

Eat like the Greeks to prevent breast cancer, say researchers

More clear evidence Elanthy reduces risk of awful diseases: Eat like the Greeks to prevent breast cancer: Mediterranean diet with lashings of olive oil ‘slashes risk of the disease by 68%’


I am a doctor and do cardiovascular prevention clinics at the Royal Free Hospital. I recommend a Mediterranean diet to my patients. Olive oil is part of that diet. I have tried many olive oils but Elanthy Olive oil has a wonderful taste and at a very reasonable price too! No guesses what I will […]