The authentic Marseilles soap made by the Marius Fabre soap factory since 1900. Simply the best Marseilles soap, now available exclusively in the UK through Elanthy.

Genuine Marseilles soap is 100% natural, made from olive, copra and palm oils, with no synthetic additives. It contains 72% oil, stamped on each cube of soap.

Marius Fabre 500ml pump

Marius Fabre 500ml lavender or sandalwood

Marius Fabre Marseilles soap is gentle, natural and effective, recommended where other modern products cause skin problems. Marius Fabre soaps and shower gels are based only on vegetable oils and do not pollute the water cycle, helping to preserve the environment. The soap is not tested on animals. Marius Fabre Marseilles soaps are however an economical product as they can last up to twice as long as other soaps.

For over 100 years and through three generations, the family has been trying to keep their know-how alive; the creation of the true Marseilles soap, preserving the technique of saponification in cauldrons. This secret is passed down through generations, from father to son and from father to daughter.