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6 Reasons to choose Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a present

Updated: Jul 5

Today we bring you some reasons to give Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a present, suited to any time of the year.

  1. It's good for them : Extra Virgin Olive Oil is well-known for its healthy benefits that have made this product so special and reaches each of the continents as a symbol of a healthy lifestyle.

  2. A gift that will actually be used : Giving Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a present, you can be sure that the person who receives it will use and value your gift being this fundamental part of our way of understanding Mediterranean gastronomy.

  3. Something to Share : Elanthy Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a product to enjoy as a family no matter how old you are and usually, it's liked by everyone without exception.

  4. Something to Store : As discussed in a previous blog post, Elanthy EVOO lasts for up to two years, but there's a high chance it'll all be gone by then....

  5. As Easy as Multi-Ship : Using our multi-ship system allows the gift to be delivered direct to them - not going to see them on the day? With our next day delivery service, you can benefit from our bulk-buy discounts and split a large order, sending to multiple addresses. Our bulk discounts go as low as £17.50 for a 3L can.

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