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Olive oil Marseille soap collectors edition 200g

Olive oil Marseille soap collectors edition 200g


Salon de Provence, a city intertwined with the legacy of Nostradamus, takes pride in presenting this exceptional collector's soap, a joint endeavor of the City Hall and Tourist Information Office. Inspired by the enchanting notion, Marius Fabre soap factory eagerly embraced this opportunity to safeguard the city's rich historical heritage.



For over a century, our family has meticulously crafted soap in Salon-de-Provence, employing the time-honored methods of traditional Marseille soap-making. Our olive oil soap cubes, devoid of artificial coloring, added fragrances, and synthetic ingredients, derive solely from pure vegetable oils, ensuring unparalleled gentleness for both skin and environment.



With remarkable longevity, these Marseille soap cubes prove highly economical, lasting even longer when allowed to thoroughly dry. Experience the essence of sustainability and indulge in the enduring charm of authentic craftsmanship.

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