By when must I pay after I’ve received my goods?

We simply ask you to please act reasonably and pay promptly upon receipt of your goods.

Is Elanthy organic?

Because it is a blended EVOO and we work with over 3,000 farmers to ensure consistency, we could not possibly be certified organic; however, our farmers do not spray the trees with chemicals. In terms of chemicals, our production technique is how it was thousands of years ago.

How long does delivery usually take?

Please allow two working days

Will you deliver on a Saturday?

No, any orders that were collected on a Friday will be delivered on a Monday

If I don’t order Elanthy, how much is delivery?

Delivery on all shipments that do not include Elanthy costs £7.50

Why is my olive oil cloudy?

This is perfectly normal and happens when the oil is cold. Simply leave the can at room temperature for a day and the cloudiness will clear

How long will my olive oil keep fresh for?

Your Elanthy will keep fresh in the can for 24 months unopened