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Intensive hand repair cream 75ml

Intensive hand repair cream 75ml


Repair cream with essential oils
Quickly relieves hands.
Helps prevent rough, dry skin.

This cream is ideal for very damaged hands after gardening,DIY, mechanical work, etc. Its rich composition with oliveoil and shea butter puts the moisture back into dry skinand its essential oils of lavender, camphor from Chinaand marigold soothe with their anti-inflammatory andantiseptic properties. This cream contains no syntheticpreservatives (paraben) and no colouring agents.Use: After washing your hands thoroughly with liquid soap or soappaste scrub, wipe them dry and apply the cream. Massage until itsoaks in. Suitable for daily use.

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  • Description

    Introducing the perfect solution for hands battered by gardening, DIY projects, mechanical tasks, and other manual work.



    This extraordinary remedy is infused with the nourishing goodness of olive oil and shea butter, specifically formulated to deeply moisturize dry skin. Enhanced with the harmonious blend of lavender and Chinese camphor essential oils, alongside the soothing properties of calendula extract, it offers a unique combination that alleviates inflammation, provides comforting relief, and exhibits antiseptic qualities.

  • Ingredients

    organic olive oil, shea butter, essential oils of lavender and Chinese camphor, marigold
    plant extract. No paraben.

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